Testimonials for Rica Potenz

Rica is an incredible energy that radiates Light and Love through her many gifts. I have experienced incredible peace from her playing of her crystal bowls. I have attended her training on Reiki I and II, which has empowered me on so many levels. I have recommended her massage therapy skills to my friends and have even trusted her with the spinal health of my son. She carries herself with the utmost integrity and professionalism. I am always eager to attend any workshop she is offering and look forward to being the recipient of her massage expertise.

Everyone wants to feel good without aches, pains and discomfort. Unfortunately, the human body has to endure daily stress both physically and mentally. Massage is something one can do to help combat these effects from stress, illness, and everyday living. Rica is one of the best body workers I have experienced. Recently, I had the opportunity to discover Massage Cupping while at my session with Rica. It is the combination of massage and suction cups to create negative pressure which draws the skin and underlying tissue into the cup. The vacuum created helps increase blood flow and lymphatic circulation. A much deeper massage is experienced while reducing the physical exertion on Rica. The massage is wonderful and calming. It addresses specific needs such as very tight muscles or pinched nerves very effectively. Rica’s wonderful massage has been raised to a new level. Results? One very relaxed person I felt wonderful for several days with several of my problem areas continuing to be pain free for a week. I highly recommend everyone experience this technique with Rica.
A devoted Rica client and fan, L.M.

My first experience with Rica felt like a miracle! At the time I had post traumatic stress disorder, severe depression, and was not sleeping at night. She was not aware of any of this. She did a massage with Reiki. I did not really know anything about Reiki at the time, but I knew that this massage felt different from any other massage I had ever had. She started by placing the pads of her hands on the bottom of my feet, and I immediately started feeling like I was floating on a cloud. It was almost freaky feeling but amazing! She just hit all the right places that my body was needing. After that massage I felt truly at my best self!! All of a sudden I did not have PTSD anymore and I was off of my sleeping medicine. I was unsure if it was the massage that she had given me or what, but then I started reading and learning about Reiki and had an aha moment.

To my friends in the great DFW. I’ve been seeing Rica Potenz, a great massage therapist & body worker and all around wonderful woman. If you got a kink in your neck, she’s the person to call. Let me know if you’d like her contact info.

I do appreciate you!! You have given me excellent massages and perceive what my body requires. Actually massage is a misleading term as you integrate all types of therapies when working on me. Both me and my body thank you!!!
– L.D.

The lymphatic drainage seemed to do the trick. Perhaps the Reiki share that evening topped it off. The next day I was exhausted and mentally dull. The day after that I had inexhaustible energy and felt healed, healthy, and whole. My mental processes were in top form. My sinus is still draining, but no sinus pressure – the valves appear to be open! I continue to stimulate the lymphatic points you taught me when I do Reiki.

“I have been a client of Rica’s for over a year now, and she provides a wonderful healing experience, not only through Reiki, but other healing modalities. I have had a massage, sound healing, neuro integration, and a craniosacral session, and all of them were a wonderful healing experience. Thank you, Rica, for all you have done.”

Re: Crystal bowl meditation. This was excellent, Thank you Rica

Dear Rica – your talents in music, sound and vibration are such gifts. Thank u for easily sharing your beautiful self 🙂 🙂

Rica Potenz…sees the luminescent beauty in all things. Compassion is the lens through which she views life. The Earth is her altar. Her dedication is to healing and spiritual transcendence. She sees dreams as a gateway to truth.

Let me start by saying that I was soooo relaxed last night, I had to fight to keep myself awake to eat dinner. And, slept better, no pain meds, and according to my husband “was snoring away” LOL. I have a little soreness in some of the trigger pts on the right side, mainly under arm, upper neck BUT no discerning pain as specific as I had yesterday. I am happy with that. Rome was not built in a day. Looking forward to our next appt. Until then, will work on those trigger pts. Have a wonderful weekend. Thanks!

I was able to make the Crystal Bowl Meditation this last Saturday and it was incredible, I highly recommend it to everyone.

I am not very good at putting into words how the Crystal Bowls affect me. They seem to create a balance in my nervous system that makes me feel lighter, more clear and focused. I also feel calmer and more peaceful.