About Rica

In 1994, I began a journey of awakening to my true Self. Up until the mid 90‘s, I was very much a “left-brained” person, a molecular biologist, married, raising two children. I was living the dream I thought I wanted. It was then my life took a turn when I received a message from Spirit to become one with my Higher Self. I didn’t know what that meant, but it started me on a path to discover that.
Leap forward 10 years. I’ve been practicing yoga for many years now, discovering this thing called energy. My children are now grown, and my soul reaches me in a profound way through a spontaneous kundalini awakening experience during a facilitated Breathwork class. I now start to experience what I’ve only previously intellectually processed. It led to an undeniable need to connect with my deepest essence and discover who I really AM. At all costs. I can no longer go through life asleep to the deeper meaning of why I’m here. As my inner life begins to unravel, my outer life has to follow suit. I am looking for my path, not realizing I am already on it. My journey is leading me through a path of self-discovery, profound transformation, healing, and connection.

IMG_5238In 2002 I know there is creative potential needing to be unlocked, so, I start a landscape design business as my love of nature and plants leads me to this endeavor. This brings some balance to my left brain, and I feel blessed to have found a calling I am so passionate about. Then, shortly after my awakening experience, I meet Catherine Julian Dove, a messenger for many Ascended Masters and Archangels, and with her help, I open to their messages of love and Christ Consciousness.

And then I meet Roe Bear (pronounced “row bear”) – my future Reiki Master – who helps me to continue the expansion taking place within. Reiki changes my life as the channels open for love energy to flow. Many suppressed and buried beliefs and emotions start to surface to be cleared and healed. Many new people come into my life as my perceptions shift, and I see the universe through fresh eyes. I am learning so much, and continue to, from so many beautiful souls. Also, there is much loss as many leave my life at this time.

IMG_5231As my Reiki practice grows, I realize I want to be able to share this beautiful gift with others in a greater way. So, I begin Massage School in 2008, and finish my Reiki Master training in 2009. I find I have a deep love for guiding others in discovering how to heal themselves. Because all healing is really self-healing. I train in many modalities, many very unique. As my meditation practices deepen, I find inspiration and guidance which leads me to my next steps.

Since my awakening moment so many years ago, I have discovered a love for healing. As my repertoire of healing ways has grown, I have even created some of my own! I am especially drawn to vibrational healing modalities, as vibration affects every part of our being. As a musician, I believe sound is one of our most powerful healers, and can help us attune to our deepest essence. The physical body is intimately connected to our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. A holistic approach is the only way to truly heal. Guided by my intuition, I create a sacred space for healing to occur and use a combination of bodywork, Reiki, dream analysis, belief work, chakra work, sound therapy – whatever my client needs that day.

IMG_5345My healing space is a place where you can come to relax, rejuvenate, and restore every aspect of your being. You can strip away all the layers that keep you from your true essence – that which you are meant to be, that which you are at your deepest level. The place of peace, calm, and centeredness. The place of joy, happiness, and bliss. Daily life often keeps us from being our best Self. I have many ways to bring you home to your true nature, where you can unite with your Self and rediscover a new you. This is achieved through love, compassion, deep listening, and allowing.

As a teacher, I offer trainings in Reiki and Dream Interpretation, and have hosted Chakra Workshops. I also host meditations and trainings using Sound as a vehicle for transformation. In April 2014, after practicing yoga for 16 years, I took a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course, at the Sivananda Ashram in The Bahamas, and am certified to teach yoga.

IMG_4599The heart is like a garden. It can grow compassion or fear, resentment or love. What seeds will you plant there?
– Buddha