Sound Therapy

Version 2
Sound Therapy with Crystal Bowls, Crystal Pyramid, Tibetan Bowls, Tibetan Bells, Tingshas, Drums, and 30″ Gong

A set of 7 pure quartz crystal singing bowls, attuned to each of the body’s major energy centers, are used to restore balance and harmony to those centers as well as the entire auric field and physical body.

The crystal pyramid is a unique vibratory experience which helps you connect to your divine essence.

The tibetan singing bowls, bells and tingshas are ancient instruments used for meditation, relaxation and healing.  Each bowl is infused with the prayers of the monks who made them.

The gong has a powerful vibratory sound which can help transport you out of your thinking mind into a state of total relaxation, allowing healing on a deep level, leaving you refreshed and cleansed.

Drums bring you into your own inner rhythm, and connect you to your primal essence.

The bowls, bells, tingshas, pyramid, drums and gong have amazing healing qualities and can be experienced separately or together in a session. I also do group meditations with the bowls,  pyramid and gong. 75-90 minutes for individuals, 60-120 minutes for groups.


Ascension Attunement with Tuning Forks

Ascension Attunement is a vibrational healing modality in which tuning forks are used to facilitate healing and restore balance to the physical body and corresponding energy fields. This brings you into greater alignment with your higher self. 60 minutes.



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