Reiki Training

reiki is loveAre you ready to move into a new healing paradigm?
Have you been curious about Reiki and want to discover what it’s all about? Your opportunity is here! You can take that next step on your journey towards self-empowerment.

The Usui Reiki I teach was developed by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist. In 1922, he received a mystical revelation which gave him the knowledge and spiritual power to attune others to Reiki and use it for healing.

Reiki is a technique for healing on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. The word Reiki is made of 2 Japanese words – Rei, which means “God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power” and Ki, which is “life force energy”. The technique is a method to direct that higher life force energy for healing, relaxation, stress reduction, and promoting well-being on every level. It is a safe and simple method that anyone can use, including children. The ability to use this energy is transferred from teacher to student in a process called an attunement. The attunement allows the student to channel this life force energy through their body for their own self-healing and the healing of others.

There are three levels of Reiki and I teach these separately.
Level one is mostly used for self-healing and hands on healing of others. Level two gives the addition of symbols which have many uses, including sending Reiki long distance, and gets into the deeper emotional and mental levels. Level three is for the serious student who really wants to make Reiki a way of life and possibly teach others. It helps you access the spiritual levels of healing. I recommend waiting at least a month or two before moving from level one to level two because you often go through profound changes which can take time to integrate. After level two, your own guidance will let you know when is the best time to move on to Reiki III, if at all.

IMG_5282I regularly schedule Reiki trainings. To see when the next class is, check the upcoming classes page. I like to keep the classes small – a maximum of 6 people – so it is very personal and intimate. I am blessed to be able to offer these trainings and I encourage all to take Reiki if they feel called to do so.

I use Diane Stein’s book Essential Reiki and strongly suggest my students get this book as it is very thorough and a great resource. This helps put everyone in the class on the same page. That way we have much of the background information covered and we have more time to practice. Reiki I and II are 6 hour trainings, usually split into morning and afternoon sessions with a short lunch. It’s possible to do split classes for those who need that.

Reiki I
The morning will be spent in discussion and learning relevant information for your Reiki practice. Bring your questions. We will discuss what Reiki can and can’t do, have an overview of the chakras, how to ground and set space, ethics, self-healing, healing others, and more. Read the section on Reiki I from Diane Stein’s book – to page 52.

In the afternoon you will receive your attunement and then we will practice on each other, individually and in a group. You will leave knowing the hand positions and how to do a Reiki session. You will feel what it is like to give and receive Reiki. Your attunement is a sacred ceremony that will enable you to open to the Reiki energies. Being a channel for Reiki energy will help you start clearing your own blocks and bring you closer to your true nature.

You will receive a certificate at the end of class.

Reiki II
There are many benefits to taking Reiki II. Reiki II enables you to send Reiki long distance to anyone, anywhere, anytime. You can also program it to continuously send healing energy until it is no longer needed! Reiki II involves the use of symbols which increase its power and help to heal on the mental and emotional levels, as well as physical. The symbols can also be used for clearing spaces and negative energy, protection and purification, and releasing karma and patterns which no longer serve. There are many other uses for the symbols which we’ll cover during class.

When you receive the Reiki II attunement, it will help you to clear your own emotional and mental patterns which are ready to be released. This can take some time and is an ongoing process. It can also open you up to psychic abilities or help you develop ones you already have. Taking Reiki II is a commitment to yourself that you are ready for changes in your life. You will develop an awareness of yourself and your place in this world. You will expand and grow and be challenged. Ultimately, this is very positive, although not always easy. Go into your heart and ask if you’re ready for this at this time.

During class we will discuss the symbols and their uses and I will have you draw them for me from memory. If they’re not perfect, don’t worry, you can continue to perfect them afterwards, but do your best to memorize them beforehand. It can take some time to memorize them. The symbols I use can be found in Diane Stein’s book, Essential Reiki, pages 57-58.

During class we will do a chakra clearing meditation. You will receive your attunement to Reiki II. We will practice sending Reiki long distance so you should bring a stuffed animal, and a picture of someone you want to send healing to. If you have a small globe or picture of the earth we’ll also be sending her healing. We will also practice using the symbols on each other.

You will receive a certificate at the end of class.

Reiki III
This is the Master/Teacher level. If you are ready for this level, we can discuss individually what will be required, depending on your background and previous training.


Rica was my Reiki teacher. Open, non-judging, sincere listener, dedicated, and of course – caring, yes……loving. These are the first words that come to mind when I think of my student days, learning Reiki. I wasn’t sure what I was getting into, but I knew I had to do it – something moved me in that direction, and I have never had regrets – au contraire, it has “grown” my life in a more voluminous, expansive, freeing way.  Much of the great experience of my Reiki beginnings, I owe to Rica. Her love-embodying presence, lured me.  Not just to the first class (Reiki I), but to the second (Reiki II), and the third, ultimately, Rica’s Reiki III class.  My heart swells with gratitude when I remember those days. I feel so lucky, as though I had the best teacher out there! Rica kept it simple, personable, and down-to-Earth. And in Reiki lingo, down-to-Earth means a lot. Rica kept us grounded with her own beautiful energy, her loving space with a peaceful ambiance.  Learning Reiki is ongoing. It gets deeper over time, with practice. Rica  will always have that special place in my heart, a loving soul sister who guided me into this sweet healing modality. I AM eternally grateful. 
-J.C.H., Plano TX

Rica helped attune me to the Reiki I-III levels and it was such a blessing to receive these gifts from her. She was a very thorough teacher and the classes were well organized and she answered all our questions. She provided such an honest and heart-centered space for this beautiful gift of Reiki to occur and gave us a space to express any insights or struggles along our journeys with Reiki. I love how she had Reiki Meetings where we could all get together and practice on one another- which was so kind of her to organize and lead. Rica definitely seems to practice what she teaches and is very dedicated to her journey and I appreciate her presence in my life so very much. Her sound meditations are amazingly relaxing, also.
-L.B., Lewisville, TX

Rica facilitated all three levels of my Reiki attunement and I cannot say enough things about her beautiful spirit and teaching abilities! She has a relaxed style with small classes and makes her self available to her students outside of the classroom as well. Rica’s knowledge is tremendous and she leaves no question unanswered. I cannot recommend her enough. I am changed for the better for having taken her classes.
-A.H., Lewisville, TX

Not only is Rica an amazing healer but she is also an exceptional instructor!  I have taken Reiki level one, two and three from Rica. She has helped me in and out of the classroom. Rica helped me set up a Reiki practice of my own and supported me on my Reiki journey. She became a great friend and mentor who is always there when I need her.
-C.R., Lewisville TX

Rica has been my Reiki Master for more than one year now. During this time I received Level I & II Attunements from her. I have found her to be a serious student / mentor / teacher of the sacred practice of Reiki. She a great teacher, her classes and instructions are informative and well organized and convey the necessary knowledge to allow the student to maximize his/her learning experience. She is encouraging and supportive. She has wonderful energy and shares of herself freely and openly. It is a joy to work with her as a student or a client.
-T.R., Dallas TX

I took Reiki I and II from Rica and would highly recommend her to anyone interested in this modality. Her classes are small and informal which is perfect to make sure you get all your questions answered. She makes you feel confident and comfortable working on others by the time you walk out of the class. She makes the learning easy, fun and interesting. What I love the most is that she is very knowledgeable about the subject matter and can speak from experience when you have a question or concern. I can not say enough wonderful things about her, you just need to take her class for yourself and see how life changing it can be!
-M.K., Flower Mound TX

(Reiki I training) was awesome and some of what I experienced was totally unexpected. I did not really have an expectation but never imagined that I would actually see the energy flow or colors. As I stated when you asked, I am not visual, at least until now. I also was concerned about being able to let go of my ego, my predetermined opinions but that too has not interfered like I expected.
-M2, Lewisville TX

Through your beautiful facilitating & sacred attunements, I was opened up to the wonderful & infinite source of Reiki. Little did I know how massive this magic would only grow with attention to intention and care. 
*I have the sweetest memory of your deep & joyful laugh (with Thomas) from another room. It was so pure & lighthearted and full of love. Makes my heart smile to think of 🙂 -M.G., Dallas, TX